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about the group

Glitch Lich is a seething florescent filament slashing its way through the ether, across oceans and continents, connecting four disparate entities into an assimilated mass of noises and beats. Off the grid, the quartet consists of Cole Ingraham, Chad McKinney, Curtis McKinney, and Ben O'Brien, whose physical forms met at the experimental way station Mills College in Oakland, CA. Since then the band has spread its reach across three timezones and two continents. When encountering this sonic entity, prepare for recursive reprogramming, beer, and DEMONOLOGY.

Cole Ingraham

Materializing out of super-fluidic aether in 1985, Cole Ingraham exists as a manifestation of the union between a vacuum cleaner and a fan. This life-form obtains sustenance from drones, noise, and imperial IPAs. In the year 2013, the University of Colorado at Boulder saw no alternative but to make him a Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition. He often wears a hat.

Chad McKinney

Chad McKinney is an experimental musician/electronic necromancer. He has an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College where he studied with Chris Brown, John Bischoff, and Roscoe Mitchell. He received his Bachelor of Music degree in 2007 from the University of Oklahoma, studying with Christian Asplund, John Haek, and Michael Lee. McKinney has recently been studying towards towards a doctorate at the University of Sussex under Nick Collins where he is researching topics in network music. When not programming Chad is performing with the transcontinental network laptop quartet glitch lich, brewing beer with his wife, Jessica McKinney, as well as designing small video games and playing noisy math metal.

Curtis McKinney

Curtis McKinney Born in 1983 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Favorite micro-organisms: BrettanomycesFavorite beer style: Russian Imperial Stout Least favorite number: 127 Curtis is a reprogrammed rogue who undergoes constant inner turmoil regarding his mysterious past, which proves only to be his need to fight, and the the threat he believes he still poses to society. His main weapon is the Z-Buster and the Z-saber. He was created by Dr. Willy in order to replace Bass and later destroy his nemesis. It is unclear whom Wily was talking about. He entered a sleep capsule where he will awaken in 102 years later on August 15. Curtis makes sounds akin to a Commodore 64 violently exsanguinating 8-bit blood.

Benjamin O'Brien

Benjamin O'Brien composes and performs acoustic and electro-acoustic music. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Music Composition at the University of Florida. He holds an MA in Music Composition from Mills College and a BA in Mathematics from the University of Virginia. Benjamin has studied composition, theory, and performance with John Bischoff, Chris Brown, Ted Coffey, Fred Frith, Paul Koonce, Roscoe Mitchell, and James Paul Sain. His compositions have been performed at conferences and festivals including ICMC, Electroacoustic Music Studies Network conference, SEAMUS, International Competition for Composers Citta di Udine (Italy), Musica Viva Festival (Portugal), among others.