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Jul 04, 2014: The Loft, Brighton
Epic algorave lineup including Mico Rex, Sarah Angliss, Luuma, and of course us at the Loft in Brighton, UK.

Jun 06, 2014: The Lexington, London
Performing at Valuing Electronic Music at The Lexington in London, UK.

Jun 05, 2014: The Shelter, Shanghai
We will be one of many acts rocking experimental dance music at The Shelter in Shanghai, China.

May 10, 2014: Mini Algorave in Shanghai
Dropping some glitched out beats as the closing set of a concert at the FaceArt Institute of Music.

May 05, 2014: Zoomin' Night, Beijing
Rocking some noise at Zoomin' Night, in Beijing, China.

Apr 26, 2014: Old Police House, Gateshead, UK
Dropping some beats at the Old Police House algorave.

Apr 05, 2014: Soup, Tokyo
We will be performing at Soup in Tokyo, Japan.

Feb 20, 2014: Loft 345, Guangzhou
We will be performing at Loft 345 in Guangzhou, China.

Feb 01, 2014: 17 Frost in Williamsburg
Glitch Lich is joined by Rachel Devorah Trapp at the 17 Frost performance space in Williamsburg.

Jan 05, 2014: Nanahari in Tokyo
For Japan's inaugural algorave concert, we will be performing along side Jon He and Renick Bell at Nanahari in Tokyo, Japan.


Dec 12, 2013: Experimental Music at the Consulate
Member Cole Ingraham will lead a lecture-recital on experimental music and live coding at the US Consulate in Shanghai, China.

Nov 26, 2013: /*vivo*/
Glitch Lich has been invited to perform at the /*vivo*/ Simposio Internacional de Musica y Codigo in Mexico City.

Sep 27, 2013: FaceArt Music Internations
We will be having our China debut at FaceArt Music Internations in Shanghai: where member Cole Ingraham currently teaches.

May 28, 2013: New Interfaces for Musical Expression
We will be performing Chad's piece Shoggoth on the late evening concert at New Interfaces for Musical Expression in Seoul, Korea.

May 20, 2013: International SuperCollider Symposium
Member Cole Ingraham is the head organizer for the 2013 International SuperCollider Symposium being held in Boulder, Colorado USA. Cole Ingraham will be performing on Tuesday the 21st and the group will be on Thursday the 24th.

Apr 19, 2013: live.code.festival
We will be performing sometime during the 2013 live.code.festival in Karlsruhe, Germany. Specific details as soon as we have them.

Apr 17, 2013: Algorave
Glitch Lich rocks Algorave in Brighton at Volks nightclub.

Apr 13, 2013: Slave to the Algorithm
We've been asked to play at the launch party for a new issue of mute magazine in London, UK.

Apr 11, 2013: SuperCollider Guest Lecture
Glitch Lich presents some of our work for the College of Music's SuperCollider class at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Mar 06, 2013: Mills College
Getting back to our roots. We presented some of our recent work for Chris Brown's SuperCollider class at Mills College.

Mar 06, 2013: KZSU
Rocked the air waves on KZSU Stanford radio as guests on Minimum Entropy.

Feb 27, 2013: Pendulum New Music
Glitch Lich returns to Pendulum New Music.

Feb 22, 2013: Network Music Festival
Glitch Lich is one of curators for the 2013 Network Music Festival. We'll also be performing so stay tuned!

Feb 05, 2013: Texas A&M
We will be lecturing and giving a concert as artists in residence at Texas A&M University.


Nov 28, 2012: Pendulum New Music
As part of the University of Colorado at Boulder's Pendulum New Music concert series, Glitch Lich will be premiering Tarasque, a new work by Cole Ingraham.

Oct 26, 2012: University of Florida Show
Glitch Lich will be opening a new music concert at the University of Florida with Yig.

Oct 17, 2012: The Amersham Arms
Embodied Audio-Visual Interaction and A-B-A presents an evening of live electronics performances.

Sep 14, 2012: ICMC
September keeps getting busier! Glitch Lich will be performing on ICMC 2012 Friday, September 14th as part of the Metelkova late night concert series.

Sep 07, 2012: Live Interfaces Conference
We will be performing as part of the Live Interfaces Conference presented by the University of Leeds.

Apr 27, 2012: TEDxSussex
Glitch Lich will be performing at the University of Sussex on April 27th as a part of TEDxSussex. This performance will feature the Yig system in conjunction with OSCthulhu and will be preceded by a short talk about network music from band members Chad McKinney and Curtis McKinney.
Find out more at

Apr 18, 2012: Bournemouth
We will be performing on April 18th at the University of Bournemouth as a part of a program highlighting new electronic music. This performance will feature a new work using the Mutagen system written by member Curtis McKinney.

Apr 12, 2012: SuperCollider Symposium
Members Chad McKinney and Curtis Mckinney will be running their music piracy sound art installation, Leech, at SuperCollider Symposium in London which is running from April 12th to the 19th. Find out more at

Members Chad McKinney and Curtis Mckinney will be running their music piracy sound art installation, Leech, at The NOISE=NOISE series in London on February 25th. more info here

Feb 20, 2012: Pendulum New Music
as part of University of Colorado Boulder's Pendulum New Music concert series, glitch lich will be premiering Finger Paint which combines our brand of noise with just intonation drones and visuals akin to crayon on super 8 film.

Jan 04, 2012: Digital Sunrise
glitch lich will be performing January 14th at the NOISE=NOISE event in London. Much thanks to Ryan Jordan for the last minute addition. This will be our first show in the UK and we look forward to it.


Nov 10, 2011: Networking Network Bands
glitch lich will be performing in the Network Music Festival in Birmingham, UK. The festival will take place during January 2012 and will feature other notable laptop bands such as Benoit and the Mandelbrots, BiLE, and Wrongheaded.

Nov 07, 2011: New Site!
glitch lich is currently working on a web overhaul. We're redesigning our site and which will see regular updates as we continue to refine the design. There are many exciting possibilities on the horizon for us so keep an eye on the page as those materialize.